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All information provided by NuBrace Inc on this website, is made available to provide immediate access for the convenience of interested persons. While NuBrace Inc believes the information to be reliable, human or mechanical error remains a possibility as does delay in the posting or updating of information. Therefore, NuBrace Inc makes no guarantee as to the accuracy, completeness, timeliness, currency, or correct sequencing of the information.

NuBrace Inc shall not be responsible for any errors or omissions, or for the use or results obtained from the use of this information. The practitioners listed herein or referred by this website are customers of NuBrace Inc. Nothing herein should be construed to imply that NuBrace Inc and any individual practitioner have entered into any partnership, joint venture, or agency with the other party. NuBrace Inc is not a licensing or governing body for dental professionals; please refer to the appropriate governmental dental licensing authority for license or status verification. NuBrace Inc makes no representations regarding any individual practitioner’s licensing status.

Neither NuBrace Inc nor any affiliated company which manufactures or distributes any NuBrace Inc components makes any representation, guarantee, covenant, or other undertaking, express or implied, with respect to the qualifications of or standard of care exercised by the practitioners listed on or referred to by this website.
All NuBrace Inc products are intended for purchase only by a licensed physician.


A. The NUBRACE INC Websites Do Not Provide Medical Advice. All content on the NUBRACE INC Website is the opinion of its author and may not be that of NuBrace Inc. The NUBRACE INC Websites are not a substitute for medical advice. Always contact your own healthcare practitioner or other professional healthcare provider if you have a question concerning your or your family’s health.


B. NuBrace Inc Does Not Recommend or Endorse the Products or Services of Others. NUBRACE INC does not recommend or endorse any specific tests, drugs, devices, products, services, physicians, or medical / dental institutions that may be mentioned or referenced on the NUBRACE INC Websites. Any advertisers who purchase banners or otherwise support NuBrace Inc and the NUBRACE INC Websites have no influence on the editorial content or presentation and any such advertisements are not implied or express endorsements of any product, service, or company.


All intellectual property rights (IPRs) in the NuBrace Inc Products are and shall remain the exclusive property of NuBrace Inc or its licensors, as applicable. NuBrace Inc Products may be covered by one or more of the patents.


Please carefully read these Terms of Use before using this Website. Your access to, and use of, the Website and its materials is conditioned upon your acceptance and compliance with these terms in full. If you do not accept these terms, you should leave the Website immediately and cease any further use of any materials you have obtained from the Website.

  1. Copyright and Usage of Content. The copyrights and other rights to the materials on this Website are owned by NuBrace Inc and/or its subsidiaries. You are authorized to view, download and reproduce the materials at this Website only for your internal information provided that you 1) retain all notices contained in the original materials 2) only use images with surrounding text relating to the images, and 3) include the following copyright notice:© NuBrace Inc. All rights reserved.No further publication or commercial use may be made of the materials on this Website without the express written permission of NuBrace Inc.

    You may not make any part of this Website available as part of another web site whether by hyperlink framing on the internet or otherwise. This Website and its content may not be used to construct a database of any kind nor may the same be stored (in whole or part) in databases for access by you or any third party or to distribute any database containing all or part of the Website or its content.

  2. Other Terms and Notices May Apply. Additional terms and conditions will apply to business transactions conducted or any promotions run by NuBrace Inc via this Website. Additional terms will govern any bulletin board services, chat areas and or other message or communication facilities offered via this Website. Nothing contained in this Legal Information Page is intended to modify or amend any agreement currently in effect between you and NuBrace Inc.Although these terms of use are intended to apply generally to all content located under NuBrace Inc.com, this Website may contain other proprietary notices and conditions of use, the terms of which must also be observed and followed as they apply to the particular portions of this Website for which they are intended. Certain portions of this Website are intended for audiences in specific countries as indicated by specific country references in the website page header information (for instance, “NuBrace Inc United States,” “NuBrace Inc Other Countries”). Terms of use for country specific website pages may vary and can be accessed from the NuBrace Inc website for that specific country. NuBrace Inc may revoke or modify any of the rights stated in this Legal Information Page at any time by updating this page.
  3. Other Intellectual Property Rights. Please note that any product, process or technology described in the materials on this Website may be the subject of other intellectual property rights reserved by NuBrace Inc and are not licensed hereunder. NuBrace Inc, the NuBrace Inc and other logos, are the worldwide trademarks or registered trademarks of NuBrace Inc. Trademarks of other parties are identified wherever possible and NuBrace Inc acknowledges their rights.
  4. U.S. Government Users. Use, duplication, or disclosure by the United States Government is subject to the restrictions set forth in DFARS 252.227-7013(c) (1) (ii) and FAR 52.227-19 and any other successor regulations that may be applicable.
  5. Disclaimers.
    THE INFORMATION CONTAINED IN THIS WEBSITE IS PROVIDED TO YOU “AS IS,” FOR YOUR INTERNAL INFORMATIONAL PURPOSES ONLY, WITHOUT ANY REPRESENTATION OR WARRANTY OF ACCURACY OR COMPLETENESS OF INFORMATION OR OTHER WARRANTY OF ANY KIND, INCLUDING ANY IMPLIED WARRANTY OF QUALITY, MERCHANTABILITY, FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE, OR NON-INFRINGEMENT. IN NO EVENT WILL NuBrace Inc BE LIABLE TO ANY PARTY FOR ANY DIRECT, INDIRECT, INCIDENTAL, SPECIAL OR CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES FOR USE OF THIS WEBSITE OR RELIANCE UPON ANY INFORMATION OR MATERIAL ACCESSED VIA IT OR ANY OTHER HYPERLINKED WEBSITE INCLUDING, BUT NOT LIMITED TO, DAMAGES ARISING FROM LOSS OF PROFITS, BUSINESS INTERRUPTION, OR LOSS OF DATA, EVEN IF NuBrace Inc IS EXPRESSLY ADVISED ABOUT THE POSSIBILITY OF SUCH DAMAGES, TO THE FULLEST EXTENT ALLOWABLE BY LAW. SOME JURISDICTIONS DO NOT ALLOW THE EXCLUSION OF IMPLIED WARRANTIES AND REPRESENTATIONS, SO THE ABOVE EXCLUSIONS MAY NOT APPLY TO YOU.The material on this Website could contain technical inaccuracies or typographical errors, and information will be changed, updated and deleted without notice. NuBrace Inc may make improvements and/or changes in the products and/or the programs described in this material at any time. NuBrace Inc makes no warranties that this Website will operate uninterrupted or error free or those defects will be corrected. NuBrace Inc does not warrant that this Website is compatible with your computer equipment or that this Website or its server is free of errors or viruses, worms or “Trojan horses” and NuBrace Inc is not liable for any damage you may suffer as a result of such destructive features.Additionally, NuBrace Inc makes no representations or warranties whatsoever about any other Website which you may choose to access through this Website. Links provided by NuBrace Inc to such Websites are provided solely for your convenience and should not be deemed to imply that NuBrace Inc endorses those Websites or any content therein.
  6. Submitting information to NuBrace Inc. NuBrace Inc does not want to receive confidential or proprietary information from you through this Website unless you have another written agreement with NuBrace Inc related to the sharing of such information. Any information that NuBrace Inc receives through its Website, other than your personally identifiable information covered by NuBrace Inc’s Privacy Policy, will be deemed to be NON-CONFIDENTIAL. BY TRANSMITTING TO NuBrace Inc INFORMATION VIA THIS WEBSITE OR OTHERWISE THROUGH ELECTRONIC MEANS WITHOUT A WRITTEN AGREEMENT WITH NuBrace Inc RELATING TO YOUR SUBMISSION, YOU UNDERSTAND AND AGREE THAT NuBrace Inc MAY USE THAT INFORMATION FOR ANY PURPOSE WHATSOEVER WITHOUT OBLIGATION TO YOU. If you would like to receive information on how to submit an idea to NuBrace Inc please contact, tech@nubrace.com.


It is NuBrace Inc policy to comply with all applicable privacy and data protection laws. This commitment reflects the value we place on earning and keeping the trust of our employees, customers, business partners and others who share their personal information with us.
This Global Internet Privacy Policy (this “Policy”) describes how NuBrace Inc protects your privacy when we collect personal information on NuBrace Inc Internet sites. As used in this Policy, the term “personal information” means information that identifies you personally, alone or in combination with other information available to us.

This Policy applies, in general, to all Internet sites operated by or on behalf of NuBrace Inc and its business units worldwide (each a “NuBrace Inc Internet Site”).

Web Site Privacy Statements

Although this Policy applies to all NuBrace Inc Internet Sites generally, each NuBrace Inc Internet Site has a different purpose and different features. If additional or different disclosures are required with respect to a specific NuBrace Inc Internet Site, we will provide those disclosures on the site itself or in a separate web site privacy statement (“Web Site Privacy Statement”) posted on that site. Each individual disclosure or Web Site Privacy Statement supplements and amends this Policy, but only with respect to the NuBrace Inc Internet Site on which it is posted.

Your Consent

By using a NuBrace Inc Internet Site or providing personal information to us, you are consenting to the collection, use and disclosure of your personal information as described in this Policy and any applicable Country or Web Site Privacy Statements.
If you do not consent to the collection, use and disclosure of your personal information as described in this Policy (and any applicable Country or Web Site Privacy Statements), do not use NuBrace Inc Internet Sites or Contact NuBrace Inc.

Limitations on the Collection, Use and Disclosure of Personal Information

To the extent required by applicable law, whenever NuBrace Inc collects personal information on a NuBrace Inc Internet Site, NuBrace Inc will:

  • Provide timely and appropriate notice to you about its data practices;
  • Collect, use, disclose and transfer your personal information only with your consent, which may be express or implied, depending on the sensitivity of the personal information, legal requirements, and other factors;
  • Collect your personal information only for specific, limited purposes. The information we collect will be relevant, adequate and not excessive for the purposes for which it is collected;
  • Process your personal information in a manner consistent with the purposes for which it was originally collected or to which you have subsequently consented;
  • Take commercially reasonable steps to ensure that your personal information is reliable for its intended use, accurate, complete, and, where necessary, kept up-to-date;
  • Not use your personal information for direct marketing purposes without giving you an opportunity to “opt-out”; and
  • Take appropriate measures, by contract or otherwise, to provide adequate protection for personal information that is disclosed to a third party or transferred to another country, including transfers within NuBrace Inc.

Information Collected on NuBrace Inc Internet Sites and How It May Be Used

When you access and use a NuBrace Inc Internet Site, there are 3 ways we may collect information about you:

      1. Information Sent to Us by Your Web Browser

NuBrace Inc collects information that is sent to us automatically by your web browser. This information typically includes the IP address of your Internet service provider, the name of your operating system (such as Macintosh® or Windows®) and the name and version of your browser (such as Internet Explorer® or Netscape®). The information we receive depends on the settings on your web browser. Please check your browser if you want to learn what information your browser sends or how to change your settings.
The information provided by your browser does not identify you personally. We use this information to create statistics that help us improve our sites and make them more compatible with the technology used by our Internet visitors.

      2. Information Collected By Placing a “Cookie” On Your Computer

NuBrace Inc may obtain information about you by installing a “tag” on your computer’s hard drive. This tag is known as a “cookie.”
All of our NuBrace Inc Internet Sites use “session cookies.” A session cookie is used to tag your computer with a computer-generated, unique identifier when you access our site. A session cookie does not identify you personally and expires after you close your browser. We use session cookies to collect statistical information about the ways visitors use our sites – which pages they visit, which links they use, and how long they stay on each page. We analyze this information (known as “clickstream data”) in statistical form to better understand our visitors’ interests and needs to improve the content and functionality of our sites.
Some NuBrace Inc Internet sites also use “persistent cookies.” These cookies do not expire when you close your browser; they stay on your computer until you delete them. By assigning your computer a unique identifier, we are able to create a database of your previous choices and preferences and in situations where these choices or preferences need to be collected again, they can be provided by us automatically, saving you time and effort. For example, after you make a purchase, if you decide to make another purchase, your shipping address will have been retained and will only need to be confirmed. If a NuBrace Inc Internet Site uses “persistent cookies” we will notify you in the Privacy Statement posted on that site.
If you do not wish to receive cookies, you may set your browser to reject cookies or to alert you when a cookie is placed on your computer. Although you are not required to accept cookies when you visit a NuBrace Inc Internet Site, you may be unable to use all of the functionality of the site if your browser rejects our cookies.

      3. Information You Knowingly and Voluntarily Provide

NuBrace Inc collects the information you knowingly and voluntarily provide when you use a NuBrace Inc Internet Site, for example, the information you provide when you sign up to receive email alerts, when you complete a survey, or when you ask us a question or email us with feedback. In many cases this information will be personal information.
NuBrace Inc uses this information for the purposes for which you provide it. For example, if you provide your e-mail address when you sign up to receive e-mail alerts, we use your e-mail address to deliver the e-mail alerts you request.
We may also use the information we collect on NuBrace Inc Internet Sites for various business purposes such as customer service, fraud prevention, market research, improving our products and services, and providing you and your company with information and offers we believe may be of interest to you. We may also remove all the personally identifiable information and use the rest for historical, statistical or scientific purposes.
Many of the NuBrace Inc Internet Sites permit you to make choices about the use of your personal information. In most cases, we ask you to indicate your choices at the time and on the page where you provide your personal information.

Sharing Personal Information

NuBrace Inc will not sell personal information collected from its Internet sites to mailing list brokers without your express consent.
NuBrace Inc may share your personal information with other NuBrace Inc business units. When we do so, these other NuBrace Inc business units will use your information in a manner consistent with the purposes for which it was originally collected (or to which you subsequently consented) and only as permitted under this Policy, any applicable Country or Web Site Privacy Statements, and all applicable privacy and data protection laws.
NuBrace Inc may also share your personal information with third parties we hire to perform support services for us. These third parties are required to use the personal information we share with them only to perform services on our behalf and to treat your personal information as strictly confidential.
In some cases, NuBrace Inc may share your personal information with third parties who partner with us to provide products and services to our customers. When we do so, we will require our business partners to use the personal information we share with them in a manner consistent with the purposes for which it was originally collected (or to which you subsequently consented) and only as permitted under this Policy, any applicable Country or Web Site Privacy Statements, and all applicable privacy and data protection laws.

In certain, limited circumstances we may share or transfer personal information to unrelated third parties. For example, we may provide personal information to a third party (i) at your request; (ii) to comply with a legal requirement or court order; (iii) to investigate a possible crime, such as identity theft; (iv) in connection with the sale, purchase, merger, reorganization, liquidation or dissolution of NuBrace Inc or a NuBrace Inc business unit; or (v) under similar circumstances. If such an event occurs, we will take appropriate steps to protect your personal information.
Many of our NuBrace Inc Internet Sites permit you to make choices about the disclosure and/or transfer of your personal information. In most cases, we ask you to indicate your choices at the time and on the page where you provide your personal information.

Security of Personal Information

Your personal information will generally be stored in NuBrace Inc databases or databases maintained by our service providers. Most of these databases are stored on servers located in the United States. To the extent required by law, if your personal information will be transferred outside your country an appropriate notice will be provided.

NuBrace Inc maintains reasonable safeguards to protect the confidentiality, security and integrity of your personal information. For example, we use secure socket layer (SSL) technology to transfer personal information over the Internet. Although we use security measures to help protect your personal information against unauthorized disclosure, misuse or alteration, as is the case with all computer networks linked to the Internet, we cannot guarantee the security of information provided over the Internet and will not be responsible for breaches of security beyond our reasonable control.

Links to Third Party Internet Sites

NuBrace Inc Internet Sites may contain links to Internet sites that are not operated by NuBrace Inc. These links are provided as a service and do not imply any endorsement of the activities or content of these sites, nor any association with their operators. NuBrace Inc does not control these Internet sites and is not responsible for their content, security, or privacy practices. We urge you to review the privacy policy posted on web sites you visit before using the site or providing personal information.

Retention of Personal Information

NuBrace Inc retains the personal information collected on NuBrace Inc Internet Sites as long as necessary to provide the services, products and information you request or as permitted by applicable law.

Children and Parents

NuBrace Inc Internet Sites are generally not intended for persons under 13 years of age. NuBrace Inc does not knowingly solicit or collect personal information from or about children on its Internet Sites except as permitted under applicable law.

Questions about this Policy or our Privacy Statements

If you have any questions about this Policy or a Country or Web Site Privacy Statement or our use of your personal information, please contact us tech@nubrace.com.

Changes to this Policy and our Privacy Statements

NuBrace Inc reserves the right to update or modify this Policy, at any time and without prior notice, by posting the revised version of this Policy on our NuBrace Inc Internet Sites. We also reserve the right to update or modify our Country or Web Site Privacy Statements, at any time and without prior notice, by posting the revised Privacy Statement on the applicable NuBrace Inc Internet Site. If we modify this Policy or any Privacy Statement, the modifications will only apply to the personal information we collect after we have posted the revised Policy or Privacy Statement on the applicable NuBrace Inc Internet site.

This Policy was last revised on December 24, 2008.